June 2021 Business Meeting

June 9, East Park Shelter

Present: William, Juliana, Gobban, Gwynhwyvar, Brigida, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya.

Chatelaine: still hasn’t heard anything official on National Night Out. She has given Vincent a heads-up on the date in case he wants to come again.

Archery: we have bows and arrows. He’s noticed that the local archery clubs are getting going with some competitions with 3D targets. Waverly had a walk-through range which was fun.

Herald: no new submissions.

Chronicler: nothing new.

Exchequer: sends message that we have money, no new expenses.

Event: Juliana finally got in touch with someone from the Geneva Market, but no decision, yet. They still don’t seem to understand what we need, so she’s working on that for next year.

Webminister: Juliana is getting about 15 spam message/day at the chateleine email address, so would like some help with that.