January 2022 Business Meeting Notes

12 January 2022, First United Methodist Church

Attending: Juliana, William, Rune, Randall, Avelyn, Tatiana, Sophia, Ben, Sofya, Sifrid, Brigida, Gobban, Gwyn.

Chatelaine: Finally got some of the bookmarks to hand out at demos, from Kris Kinder. No demos coming up.

Chronicler: We can have an issue when people submit enough material. He’s planning a feature article with little blurbs from everyone about what we’ve been doing with the SCA during the Covid. Juliana thinks it would be interesting to learn more about the history of games like Goose, Shut-the-Box, etc.

Herald: We have names and devices.

Exchequer: All checks have been cashed, our accounts are balanced.

Archery: We’re going to try to get in an indoor archery shoot this winter, since the Mohawk Archery club isn’t doing their big 3D shoot this winter hogging the space. Probably a Saturday in February.

Web Minister: We have a website. He hasn’t heard anything new on the official email situation.

Contact Group Sponsoring: the Spencer area group is requesting us to be a sponsor. The main “real” thing is that we would need to track their money. And if they want to do an event, we’d have to be the official hosting group (do the paperwork and track the money). It’s usually takes about 3 years to either they prove they can make it or not. We vote to sponsor them.

A&S Meeting: Gida is going to do etching since she hasn’t been able to get the fabric stamping stuff together.