May 2024 Business Meeting

8 May 2024, First Methodist Church

Attending: Avelyn, Berndt, Brigida, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Stasi, Brighid

Arts and Sciences: posament bracelets this month. May 25th project party. Project day: Brigida got some stamping, Brighid did some Viking Wire weaving, Sofya/Brighid/Randall worked on heraldry.

Exchequer: Villa Frumentaria made about $750 with inn at Crown Tourney, and have turned in a little over $485.19 in receipts. We vote to approve the reimbursement.

Chronicler: nothing new. A quorum of articles with result in a Parade.

Herald: some good name and device work got done at the last project party for Randall and Brighid.

Archery: nothing new. He’s going to bring up some archery equipment to the next project day and head up to Lime Creek Archery range.

Chatelaine: nothing going on.

Project party: May 25th, working around the Bandfest Parade

Lilies Prep: Becca wants to camp with us so was wondering if the hill would be there. Villa Frumentaria camped in the old merchant area. Gobban and Gwyn and Juliana are camping in the trees between Queen’s Way and the new merchants. There is a Newcomer’s Glen roughly where the bardic tent used to be.

Event Planning: preliminary planning page on the Calontiri Wiki. Update your section at will: Feast budget: Gida will look into that.

New business: Gobban wants to know about hosting a kingdom level event again. Grafton would be barely okay for a Kingdom A&S/Queen’s Prize. The new Charles City venue would be good for a Crown Tourney vs Coronation ($1500?) vs Osage but the kitchen is set up for catering not feasting.