Regional Archery Practice Spring 2022

(Melon Wars Emergency Backup Event)

  • Friday evening, April 29th, to Sunday morning, May 1st
  • Antique Acres ( ) just south of Janesville, Iowa.
  • 7610 Waverly Rd, Cedar Falls, IA  50613
  • Hosted by Heraldshill


  • Site: free will donation (suggest $10)
  • Inn: free will donation (no feast)
  • Camp sites: nightly fee, electrical extra (fee per the park, honor system envelopes at kiosk)
  • Pets on leash okay, neighbor dogs may come to visit


  • Archery including nighttime Moon Shoot (check your arrow tips!)
  • Thrown weapons
  • Room for Rattan/Stile Practice if desired
  • Possible tour of the Antique Acres steam tractors museum? (will need to make prior arrangements)


  • Breakfast: breakfast runzas, biscuits ‘n’ gravy vs breakfast sandwiches, instant oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, fruit…
  • Lunch: runzas (beef & sauerkraut, BBQ chicken, pizza), beef stew and a veggie soup (in cups), cheese, carrots/celery, animal crackers with frosting. Feel free to bring deserts and side dishes.


  • Event Stewards – Brigida von München and William Fletcher of Carbery
  • Sign-in/Troll – Avelyn Carbery
  • Inn Steward/s – Stasi vs Sofya vs Juliana
  • Archery MIC – Gobban Mac Roibeáird and William Fletcher of Carbery
  • Thrown MIC – Brigida von München
  • Combat/Stile MIC – ? volunteers ?

Hotel and outside Campground Information (courtesy Antique Acres website):

Da Costa Hours