June 2024 Business/A&S Meeting

26 June 2024, First Methodist Church, Mason City, Iowa

Attending: Brigida, Avelyn, Randall, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Stasi, Gobban, Gwyn.

Seneschal – make sure you make your officer meetings at CalonCon. And the end of the quarter is nigh, so get your quarterly reports in.

A&S – July – more posaments. Project Day at the Park House will be a week early, on July 20th, because of a schedule conflict.

Treasurer – we have money in our account. Villa Frumentaria hasn’t established their own account, and will need more time with the flooding. So we still have their money.

Chronicler – send me articles.

Archery Marshal – we have wonderful bows and arrows.

Chatelaine – no new demos, no new members.

Herald – proper name for our newest Queen’s Yeoman, Nonahme.

Deputy Web minister: which officers now have official calontir emails? please check on those.

Event Planning: get Sofya your schedules. Competitions: Largesse Derby, best hat, fire-starter race, beverage competition/wine-tasting in the park, subtleties? Brigida has a tentative menu – posted. Archery: Avelyn will find the butts and the net poles for Gobban, and make sure they get to the event. Site tokens: 62 forged leaves (combo site & feast), use old leather tokens for those just doing site. Need donations for Royal Welcome Basket. Stasi can provide cots and bedding for royal crashing if need be.

May 2024 Business Meeting

8 May 2024, First Methodist Church

Attending: Avelyn, Berndt, Brigida, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Stasi, Brighid

Arts and Sciences: posament bracelets this month. May 25th project party. Project day: Brigida got some stamping, Brighid did some Viking Wire weaving, Sofya/Brighid/Randall worked on heraldry.

Exchequer: Villa Frumentaria made about $750 with inn at Crown Tourney, and have turned in a little over $485.19 in receipts. We vote to approve the reimbursement.

Chronicler: nothing new. A quorum of articles with result in a Parade.

Herald: some good name and device work got done at the last project party for Randall and Brighid.

Archery: nothing new. He’s going to bring up some archery equipment to the next project day and head up to Lime Creek Archery range.

Chatelaine: nothing going on.

Project party: May 25th, working around the Bandfest Parade, soft close of State Street c. 8 am for the run/walk. Hard close for the Parade before 9 am so come up the back side from East Park.

Lilies Prep: Becca wants to camp with us so was wondering if the hill would be there. Villa Frumentaria camped in the old merchant area. Gobban and Gwyn and Juliana are camping in the trees between Queen’s Way and the new merchants. There is a Newcomer’s Glen roughly where the bardic tent used to be.

Event Planning: preliminary planning page on the Calontiri Wiki. Update your section at will: http://calontiri.info/index.php/St._Augustine%27s_Faire_2024 Feast budget: Gida will look into that.

New business: Gobban wants to know about hosting a kingdom level event again. Grafton would be barely okay for a Kingdom A&S/Queen’s Prize. The new Charles City venue would be good for a Crown Tourney vs Coronation ($1500?) vs Osage but the kitchen is set up for catering not feasting.

April 2024 Business/A&S Meeting

April 24th, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: Brigida, Berndt, Avelyn, Randall, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigid, Stasi, Gwyn and Gobban

Event Flyer has been submitted to the Mews, so our event will be official.

Archery: nothing new. The Kingdom Archery marshal wants tallies of participation of archery events, so Gobban is going to work on that. Avelyn and Randal are working on a thrown weapons range and archery range at their home for future practice.

Chatelaine: life has been a whirlwind. No new demos coming up.

Herald: we have names and devices and we have room for more!

Chronicler: he got the flyer done for the Mews. More submissions are always welcome.

Webminister: has strep.

Exchequer: we have money. We got Villa Frumentaria’s money for inn, over $700, so she’s working on getting their receipts and doing the reimbursement.

A&S: next month will be the posament bracelets. Iron chef competition at Deodar’s event in May. We have a request for an Intro to Leatherworking class (Juliana?). There is also the possiblity of a “Bookbinding by Brigid” class. And she has lots of old eggs for art projects and some info on Ukrainian eggs vs. other egg crafts.

Event Theme: “Eat, Drink and Shoot Pretty”. Brigida doing an Italian feast. Fundraiser ideas: silent auction vs. raffle vs. minimum bid. Stasi wants the Largesse Derby again. Maybe a non-alcoholic beverage competition? Subtleties? Other ideas.

March 2024 Business Meeting

13 March, First Methodist Church, Mason City, Iowa

Attending: Brigida, Berndt, Rune, Tatiana, Sifrid, Sofya, Gobban.

Seneschal: William Fletcher of Carbery has to step down. After discussion, we vote that Brigida von Muenchen should be the new Seneschal.

Key situation: Rune has talked to the Methodist folks and they would like us to turn in our physical key, and start using the keypad.

Archery: nothing new.

Chronicler: nothing new.

Herald: we have names, devices, etc. Gida is about ready to become “Monkshood Herald Extraordinary”.

A&S: Stasi sends a message that A&S this month will be on posaments (knotwork trim). We’re looking at April 27th for a Fabric-stamping/Sewing Party at the Park House, so be making your stamps and picking your fabric. There’s a suggestion to do more work days, which is totally doable. We tentatively plan for the fourth Saturday of the month.

Webminister: Rune’s paid membership has lapsed, so the deputy webminister’s membership will cover things.

August Event: Sofya will be event steward. Gida is going to be feast steward (Italian!). Stasi will be doing inn. The Reeve has already inquired about the initial paperwork to make the event legit, so Gida will work on that. She will also contact Villa Frumentaria and Axed Root about fighter support.

Recruiting: we need to keep working on that.

December 2023 Business Meeting

13 December 2023, First Methodist Church, Mason City, Iowa

Attending: William, Juliana, Randall, Tatiana, Avelyn, Stasi, Sofya, Brigid, Sifrid, Gobban, Gwynhwyvar.

Chatelaine: We have someone new to the Shire, Brigid (once upon a time in Le Grande Tente)! No new demos. Not sure if there’s anything going on with Hampton school, esp. since we don’t have fighters to put on a show.

MoY: no word on her background check yet.

A&S: she delivered the largesse at Kris Kinder: 11 jewelry bag, multiple cordages, box of “thank you” cards, some of Stasi’s jewelry pieces, needle boards, 2-3 of Juliana’s snips with cases. Ideas for future meetings… ? Brigid does Viking Wire Weaving, Card Weaving, Bookbinding, Charcoal-making, Herbalism… We agree to cancels this month’s A&S meeting because of the holidays.

Chronicler: we need articles.

Webminister: we have a website. He will try to remember his password to post updates.

Exchequer: we have money. Villa Frumentaria sent us their demo money, and Crown Tourney Inn money. We need to approve their expenditures with receipts.

Herald: almost everyone has names and devices.

Archery: we have bows, arrows, axes and knives. Mohawk Archery is doing their 3D shoot again this year, but William is trying to figure out how to get a winter shoot there anyway.

Holiday Party: February 10th at about 6 pm at Sifrid and Sofya’s Dacha on State Street; potluck food, festive garb, optional ~$15 gift exchange.

Social Media Officer: Ronan le Sauvage of Villa Frumentaria volunteers to be our Social Media officer. He likes doing marketing stuff. We are agreeable.

November 2023 Business Meeting

November 8th, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: William, Juliana, Avelyn, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida, Berndt.

Chateleine: no new demos, no new plans from the new Kingdom Chateleine.

MoY: they are working on her background check, but she hasn’t heard from them in the promised time interval.

Exchequer: she assures us that we still have money, even though the Kingdom is a little confused about how long she’s had her warrant.

Herald: we have names, we have devices. Gida has ideas.

Chronicler: hoping for a newsletter in January.

October 2023 Business Meeting

11 October 2023, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: William, Juliana, Gida, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya, Stasi, Gwyn, Gobban.

Chateleine: no new demos, waiting to hear from the Kingdom Chateleine.

Minister of Youth: finally got the paperwork to renew her background check sent it.

Arts & Sciences: she heard back from the new royal chamberlain. They are looking for thank-you cards. So Stasi has some blank cards/envelopes and is going to print out some royal images to paste on. We vote to reimburse her for reasonable expenses. Bring papercutters, other such supplies. She says they also requested craft starter kits, trim, needle books, cording, soaps, children’s largesse (tic-tac-toe/game bags, baby dragons, coloring half-sheets, puzzles, finger/stick puppets, pony bead/cord kits), sewing weights for patterns. Gida wonders about bookmarks, blank borders. Double seal anything food or fragrant. Stasi is going to try to get to Kingdom A&S so we should get her anything we’ve already made to send with her to that.

Chronicler: if enough articles, will publish.

Herald: we have names and devices and badges. Somebody needs an heraldic title, probably a German locative.

Archery: nothing new. We apparently have a new marshal report system, which is being a challenge. His email isn’t being recognized.

Social Media Officer: someone claiming to the Kingdom Social Media Officer asked to join our FB group which was approved, but then demanded admin priviledges on Facebook. We are concerned and think the request needs to come through official channels.

September 2023 Business Meeting

September 13th, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: Juliana, William, Avelyn, Sifrid, Sofya, Gobban, Tatiana, Rune, Brigida, Berndt.

Seneschal: finally got his background check turned in.

MoY: getting her background check renewal going, too. Nothing new for the kids. Apparently the Kingdom officers are struggling to get their background checks done, too.

Chateleine: no new demos, our article hasn’t been published in the Globe Gazette yet. Any day now.

Web Minister: we have a webpage. We have noticed that lots of weird people “liking” our Facebook Page, but they can’t seem to do anything. We’ll double check our posting security settings.

Archery Marshal: we have bows and arrows and we love archery. About 8 archers showed up for archery at the event, about half were out of kingdom, so that was nice. Juliana reports that slings and atlatls are in the process of being added to the kingdom options. They’re still working on the plumbadas (Roman lawn darts).

Fighting: Magnus and Vim are coming up this weekend to have a fighter practice at Waverly at Gobban’s place 1308 2nd Ave SW at 2 pm. Bring meat to cook on Rune’s rocket stove.

Chronicler: sounds like there are lots of stories and officers reports to be submitted. Get them in.

Herald: we have names, devices, and some badges. We can always use more. Message me or Gida. Congratulations to Gida on being named a Herald Extraordinary. Gobban suggests a new tradition of playing kazoos for such occasions. Randall got his AoA.

Event Wrap-up: $214 went to site supplies, $633 feast and brought in $600. $1635 site fees. $273.90 event profit without the inn profit, so we vote to round it up to $275 and keep it for them, and pay off the bills. Kevin Rohan was their event steward. Todd Good is their seneschal.

Inn Wrap-up: inn spent $468.39 and brought in $595 = $126.61 profit to resupply the inn.

A&S this Month: the pouch with pockets inside. Making them for largesse for the Crown. Gida will share the directions around the time of the meeting and bring pattern pieces. Two fat quarters (or 1/4 yard) of complementary medium weight fabrics will make two good pouches. So bring fabric, drawstrings, trim ideas.

Rune is thinking of putting together a class on making brooms, maybe candlemaking.

August 2023 Business Meeting

August 9th, First Methodist Church, Mason City, Iowa

Attending: William, Juliana, Brigida, Stasi, Avelyn, Sifrid, Sofya, Gobban

Chateleine: At your next A&S meeting will be the lady from the Globe Gazette coming to interview, so wear garb, bring a good project to work on, show off, etc.

Herald: we have names and heraldry. We can now pay with PayPal to go with emailed submissions.

Chronicler: have articles, will publish.

Archery: we have bows and arrows, axes, knives and spears. Archery is great! We need to bring the safety nets for the shady spot we’ve now picked since doing it in the arena on cement meant no way to mount our targets there. Might want the caution tape/ropes.

Exchequer: we have money, the amount that we’re supposed to.

Arts & Sciences: she wants to know if we got any cording done. Apparently we ate too much cheese, pickeled vegetables, etc. to get much done. Gida taught someone HOW to make cording with inkle weaving. See Chateleine report for the August meeting plan. September meeting: Gida’s pouches? (bring ~1 ft squares of fabric).

Web Minister: not present.

Event Business: we get to use the food stands! Refrigerators! sinks? one stove? But they want to charge extra for the show arena with the big fan – extra $100. Might be C&T there, too! Other issues, is the distance from the camping to the flushies, so they will be getting a handicap-accessible port-a-pottie, $214 (they’re waiving the $50 delivery fee). We vote to approve the additional expense. Site opens for set-up at 10 am on Friday, we think. Torquil Macgruder.

July 2023 July Business Meeting

12 July, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: William, Juliana, Randall, Avelyn, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida, Stasi, Gobban, Jory (Zoom)

Chatelaine: Robin Calhoun MacLanland from the Globe Gazette contacted the Seneschal about coming to one of our meetings to listen and interview. We’re figuring the A&S meeting in August after our event. (Brigida will bring her new double-gloucester cheese.)

Herald: we have names and devices and badges

A&S Minister: contacted TRH Chatelaine for largesse ideas to work on during our meetings: Viking wire weaving, archer arm guards (with kingdom populace badges), cording (next meeting),

Exchequer: We have money. She is prepared to help with Troll at the Villa Frumentaria. We’re going to suggest that they have 3 people for the Saturday morning shift, 2 people for the other shifts. At last one needs to be a paid member.

Archery: Kediver contacted Gobban about getting Marshal-in-Training. He started on that at Raid or Trade. He wants to do a spear throw and the event.

Event: William and Juliana have arranged a site tour to help figure out what we can use. Their whole team there is new, so are eager to learn and make improvements for the future. They indicated there would be no problem using the show pavillion area for archery. Inn plans are well in hand with Stasi and Juliana. Gida is making cheese and pickled veggies.