May 2021 Business Meeting

12 May 2021, East Park at the southwest picnic shelter

Berndt, Brigida, Juliana, William, Avelyn, Randall, Sifrid, Sofya, Gobban, Gwynhwyvar.

A&S: unable to be present due to work schedule. With regret, for that reason, Stasi feels she needs to step down from the position. If the weather is conducive, we plan to have an outdoor A&S at the picnic shelter: games/ hand projects.

Chatelaine: National Night is to be on its usual Tuesday, August 3rd.

Exchequer: we have the same amount of money as we did last time.

Herald: the broadened scope of the SCA, any pre-1600 culture, applies to Heraldry.

Archery Marshal: we have bows, arrows, targets. He’s been meaning to get official practices going but between the weather and his schedule, it’s not working out.

Event Site: Juliana is still trying to get ahold of Geneva, but she’s got the phone number of a mother. There is a proposal to have an Unfaire again this year, which seems agreeable to the group. Will have to be careful about how we do food. Gida mentions the Osage archery range and it’s building where we had our 2nd event as a possibility, too.

Un-Lilies: the usual dates, at the Shell Rock, garb optional, not an event so can share food.