February 2023 Business Meeting

8 February 2023, First Methodist Church, Mason City, Iowa

Attending: Brigida, William, Juliana, Stasi, Sifrid, Sofya, Gwyn, Gobban

Chatelaine: there’s an opportunity to do a demo at Rod Con at UNI on April 1st. Juliana will look into details.

Archery: we have bows and arrows. Indoor winter shoot has to wait until the big archery club indoor shoot is done this month.

Chronicler: we will have a newsletter eventually. Soon.

Exchequer: not present. No major budget changes.

Herald: we have names and devices.

A&S: we decided not to vote Stasi back into the office at her first meeting back from retirement. Next meeting will be the video about finding Richard III.

Event News: we have our site reserved for 2024 and they were so happy with us, they’re not requiring a deposit. The 4th weekend this year is still available, but we think we want to stick with the Unfaire on the 3rd weekend.