September 2021 Business Meeting

8 September 2021, Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Noname, Avelyn, Randall, Tatiana, Rune, Sofya, Jute, Gobban, Gwyn.

Webminster: renewing the domain registration due this month, new officer email addresses, populace emails would be nice to keep

Archery: we had a nice practice at the Unfaire with about 6 archers.

Exchequer: we got to deposit $50 from the Free Will at the event. Stasi is going to try to get her receipts for the event food turned in at A&S since she’s not feeling well today.

Chatelaine: she’s been in contact with someone in Waterloo originally from Northshield, so there might be two fighter-types there for Gobban to play with.

Herald: no new heraldry, check out your wiki page on the wiki and update as desired. Send me any images you want added. Gobban’s friend, Rothr [sic].

Chronicler: planning for an issue in January since he doesn’t have enough stuff for an issue yet.

A&S: this month work on our calontiri wiki pages. Next month, maybe work on our shield tree and/or canvas banners, in future since the church has internet and a big screen we can watch historical videos and movies.

The Seneschal and MoY will absent for the Business Meeting since they took time off for Gulf Wars, they’re going to take advantage and be out of town.