October 2021 Business Meeting

13 October 2021, Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Noname, Avelyn, Randall, Tatiana, Rune, Sifrid, Sofya

Chatelaine: nothing new and exciting, demos few and far between with Covid.

MoY: there is a brand new Kingdom MoY, nothing new otherwise.

Exchequer: we have two checks out… one of the guilty parties is reminded. Nothing new.

Chronicler: if he gets enough material, he’ll put together a newsletter – hopefully in January.

Herald: we have heraldry, and names, and things.

Web Minister: the web page is still up. He hasn’t heard anything lately about the new officer email situation.

Seneschal: the new Society Covid policy is being considered at Kingdom, please review it and share your thoughts with Galen, Kingdom Seneschal.

Jutte lets us know she was just diagnosed with leukemia and will start chemo next week, so she won’t be at any meetings or events for awhile with her immune system. Juliana can get anything to her that we need to.