April 2022 Business Meeting

13 April 2012, First Methodist Church

Attending: William, Sifrid, Rune, Avelyn, Tatiana, Noname, Juliana, Randall, Sofya, Gobban, Gida, Berndt

Our usual A&S meeting date on April 27th will be needed by the church. So that convinces us to decide to cancel this month to prepare for the event.

Event Business:

Troll: free-will donation, new covid sign-in sheet, waiver sign-in

We officially vote to rent the site for the Regional Archery Practice at the end of the month.

William has some devious new archery shoots planned – floating solo cups, small 100-arrows-shoot targets, melon shoot (aka mugs & jugs shoot?). Gobban is pondering his own ideas – maybe a string shoot, knock-down shoot?

William has fit 4 throwing butts into the event trailer for Gida, along with other supplies and loaner equipment. Gida is plotting and scheming.

Bring table games in case of crummy weather. Also bow/arrow/string-making. And thrown weapons class with the kiddie targets. Becca is bringing a loom.

Stasi probably won’t be there since Thomas has new medical issues. Juliana won’t be able to do stone soap Friday night without her help.

Simple breakfasts: breakfast runzaas, biscuits and gravy vs breakfast sandwiches, instant oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, Gida to bring the Shire coffee maker for hot water in addition to the site one for coffee. Gida to bring some teas.

Lunch Inn: runzaas (beef & sauerkraut, BBQ chicken, pizza), beef stew and a veggie soup (in cups), cheese, carrots/celery, animal crackers with frosting. Feel free to bring deserts and side dishes.

Supper: fire pit for hot dogs/bring-your-own-meat/smores, Eric to make chili for chili dogs.

Buy: inn supplies, hots/buns (troll sign ups so we know how many to buy?), hot cocoa mix.

Publicity: William has talked to Vincent. Juliana planning to message the NW Iowa Contact Group, and post on Calontir FB, Calontir Archery FB, Thrown Weapons. Gida to post to Axed Root. Gobban to post to Couer d’Ennui, Dubuque.