June 2022 Business Meeting

8 June 2022, First Methodist Church, Mason City, IA

Attending: William, Sifrid, Juliana, Rune, Tatiana, Sofya, Brigida, Berndt

Chronicler: we can have a newletter this quarter if we have submissions. Gida is hoping to get going on her research articles on royal dynasties.

Chateleine: no new demos.

Web Minister: he got a weird email from DreamHost claiming that we needed to pay a little too much money or we’d be shut down on the 25th, which didn’t make a lot of sense since the Kingdom is hosting us now. Our site is still up.

Heraldry: no new names, no new heraldry, working at Lilies Point for consultations.

Exchequer: via the Seneschal, we’re sure we have money. The Exchequer has a new camper.

A&S Meeting: next meeting cancelled for Lilies. July is RAGBRAI, so we should probably cancel A&S for that. August Richard III video vs silk painting.

Meeting Site: William signed a contract with the church – still free, put things back where we found them, notify of changes.

St. Augustine’s UnFaire – August 27th at the Park House, Amon tentatively planning to bring glass stuff. Archery at Lime Creek or Mohawk Archery.