July 2022 Business Meeting

13 July 2022, First Methodist Church, Mason City and Zoom.

Attending: William, Juliana, Gobban, Gwyn, Sifrid, Sofya, Avelyn, Jory, Hans, Rune, Tatiana, Gida

August Event Business:

Checks and paperwork:

  • $100 deposit that we get back if we do the checklist,
  • $375 for the site.
  • New insurance certificate with filled-in names was ordered this morning.


  • Gym: 43 large round tables, 13 long tables, 247 chairs.
  • Meeting room: has its own tables and chairs, has a kitchenette with full-size fridge.
  • We’re also getting a vestibule room.
  • Magnus is going to try to find a field shower.

Gate to close 2 pm. Sifrid will print more brochures for visitors. Keep an eye out for visitors and be hospitable. Gida invited the City Council to stop by when she was at the meeting. Juliana tweaking her site token idea because it needs to indicate that people have their covid clearance.

Royal Liaison:

  • There’s plenty room for Them to stay in the privy chamber if desired.
  • There’s an inn for breakfast and lunch.
  • For royal largesse: they have plenty of leather bags, scroll covers.
  • Largesse Derby – people bring multiples of a largesse item, in Gleann Abhean usually Crown judges (Chamberlain will check if they want to judge or we’ll just do populace choice), winner takes one of each of the entries and Crown gets the rest (maybe also letting each entrant pick a single item among the entries, too? )
  • No thoughts on Court, yet. (Chalk in tentative 5 pm slot)
  • Likely will need retinue help.
  • Gida volunteers to Herald, and retinue after Troll closes.
  • Bring goodies to put in a basket.

Do we want to make a donation to the Royal Travel fund? Gida suggests $50-$100…

Juliana warned Stasi about the event. Hasn’t heard back on her plans. Thomas is doing good with his treatments so far. Gida mentions someone should contact Thorir about the event (Sofya volunteers).

Signs: Do not enter (kitchen). Privy chamber. Common area. Gate/Troll. Restrooms.

Juliana still looking for the cool lunch trays. We’re low on inn supplies.

NW Contact group coming to help. Becca coming and trying to bring a friend. Will verify the power works for Amun.

Games: Goose, Kubb, shut-the-box, kid’s axe throw, cribbage, etc.

Suggest checking with the city clerk on the status of the park across the street in case of post-revel.

Pondering a fundraiser table… if we have enough people to have someone watch it.

A&S meeting for event planning purposes is back on – Zoom on the 27th because RAGBRAI is in town, Rune to host.