November 2022 Business Meeting

9 November 2022, First Methodist Church, Mason City, Iowa

Attending: William, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Avelyn, Brigida, Berndt, Gobban, Gwynhwyvar

MOY: She went to her first CalonCon in years. We have an enthusiastic new Kingdom MoY, although the attendance was light for the meeting, so a good chance for rebuilding.

Chateleine: no new demos. No new plans.

Chronicler: no submissions = no newsletter.

Herald: no new submissions.

Deputy Web Minister: they want all group pages to be transitioning to hosting on the calontir web hosting, and all officers to transition to calontir email addresses.

Exchequer: we have money. CalonCon was boring.

Archery Marshal: he loves his pouch. We have bows and arrows. The Archery Marshal Handbook is being updated (Juliana helping), and there is going to be a new report format.

A&S: no meetings in November or December because of the holidays.

Event Sites: Grafton Community Center would work for a Queen’s Prize – community room for judges, and old office for privy chamber, but already booked for our August date. Rock Falls Fun Days is also our weekend. Charles City Fairgrounds – still can’t reserve the whole site. Carpenter Community Center – Gida will check on that and their kitchen situation. Northwood Fairgrounds reasonable price – need to make sure it’s exclusive use, alcohol only if it’s free.

Possible Joint Event Site: Oneota Lodge County Park in Clay County – log building, kitchen, large open grounds, $175/day = Spring Fling?

Holiday Party – Juliana needs to put her time in, so… February 4th at the Sifrid and Sofya’s Dacha.