February 2022 Business Meeting

9 February, First United Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Gobban, Rune, Tatiana, Sophia, Ben, Sifrid, Sofya.

Chatelaine: no news of demos, not going to worry about Hampton school this year.

MOY: going to help at Page School at Gulf Wars.

Herald: we have lots of room for new heraldry.

Chronicler: he hasn’t gotten enough submissions for a newsletter yet

Web Minister: our website is up, the officer emails have been transitioned to kingdom control.

Archery: no news on the indoor archery shoot this winter yet, hoping for the 20th but hasn’t heard back yet. We have bows and arrows – make sure your arrow tips are secure and reset.

Next month’s business meeting would be while people are traveling to Gulf Wars, so we vote to combine it with the A&S meeting.

Next month’s A&S will be carving fabric stamps. The one after will be stamping with the stamps.

Possible site: Antique Acres by Janesville? Their Power Weekend would be the weekend of our event.

January 2022 Business Meeting Notes

12 January 2022, First United Methodist Church

Attending: Juliana, William, Rune, Randall, Avelyn, Tatiana, Sophia, Ben, Sofya, Sifrid, Brigida, Gobban, Gwyn.

Chatelaine: Finally got some of the bookmarks to hand out at demos, from Kris Kinder. No demos coming up.

Chronicler: We can have an issue when people submit enough material. He’s planning a feature article with little blurbs from everyone about what we’ve been doing with the SCA during the Covid. Juliana thinks it would be interesting to learn more about the history of games like Goose, Shut-the-Box, etc.

Herald: We have names and devices.

Exchequer: All checks have been cashed, our accounts are balanced.

Archery: We’re going to try to get in an indoor archery shoot this winter, since the Mohawk Archery club isn’t doing their big 3D shoot this winter hogging the space. Probably a Saturday in February.

Web Minister: We have a website. He hasn’t heard anything new on the official email situation.

Contact Group Sponsoring: the Spencer area group is requesting us to be a sponsor. The main “real” thing is that we would need to track their money. And if they want to do an event, we’d have to be the official hosting group (do the paperwork and track the money). It’s usually takes about 3 years to either they prove they can make it or not. We vote to sponsor them.

A&S Meeting: Gida is going to do etching since she hasn’t been able to get the fabric stamping stuff together.

December 2021 Business Meeting

8 December, First United Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya, Tatiana, Randall, Avelyn, Gobban, Gwynn, Tiernen, Dara

Chatelaine: no new demos, no new members.

Chronicler: get me articles if you want a newsletter in January – photos, articles (and officers reports).

Herald: we have names and heraldry, working on CJ’s name, Brodhir Hertvigssen (or maybe another byname).

Archery; no new news, we’ve got bows and arrows.

Event Site; Juliana toured the possible site that Jute found by Floyd, but it’s “no alcohol” and we aren’t guaranteed the whole site to ourselves. And the handicap bathroom is the janitor’s closet. And they’re not sure they can let us cook with their permit. Otherwise, the site is great.

A&S Ideas: painting preprints, Cooking through History videos.

November 2021 Business Meeting

10 November 2021, First United Methodist Church

Attending: Rune, Tatiana, Sophia, Ben, Avelyn, Randall, Juliana, William, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida, Berndt, Gwyn, Gobban

Chatelaine: nothing new, not sure if we want to approach Hampton this year, maybe after Christmas

Herald: nothing new, new personas/devices/badges being considered.

Chronicler: if we want an issue in January, start getting him some articles

Exchequer: no new expenditures or incomes.

Web Minister: we have a webpage. He hasn’t heard anything on the new officer email situation.

Archery Marshal: we have bows and arrows. It would be nice if we could use them.

Events: Juliana is going to tour the Cedar Spring Park that Jutte found, although they’re transitioning leadership so that will complicate things. It sounds like a really nice site. Full kitchen, big gym-like space, pre-set archery range.

There isn’t a lot of new information on Jutte. She’s getting a bit stir-crazy. WBC are really low, might be needing a bone marrow transplant.

October 2021 Business Meeting

13 October 2021, Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Noname, Avelyn, Randall, Tatiana, Rune, Sifrid, Sofya

Chatelaine: nothing new and exciting, demos few and far between with Covid.

MoY: there is a brand new Kingdom MoY, nothing new otherwise.

Exchequer: we have two checks out… one of the guilty parties is reminded. Nothing new.

Chronicler: if he gets enough material, he’ll put together a newsletter – hopefully in January.

Herald: we have heraldry, and names, and things.

Web Minister: the web page is still up. He hasn’t heard anything lately about the new officer email situation.

Seneschal: the new Society Covid policy is being considered at Kingdom, please review it and share your thoughts with Galen, Kingdom Seneschal.

Jutte lets us know she was just diagnosed with leukemia and will start chemo next week, so she won’t be at any meetings or events for awhile with her immune system. Juliana can get anything to her that we need to.

September 2021 Business Meeting

8 September 2021, Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Noname, Avelyn, Randall, Tatiana, Rune, Sofya, Jute, Gobban, Gwyn.

Webminster: renewing the domain registration due this month, new officer email addresses, populace emails would be nice to keep

Archery: we had a nice practice at the Unfaire with about 6 archers.

Exchequer: we got to deposit $50 from the Free Will at the event. Stasi is going to try to get her receipts for the event food turned in at A&S since she’s not feeling well today.

Chatelaine: she’s been in contact with someone in Waterloo originally from Northshield, so there might be two fighter-types there for Gobban to play with.

Herald: no new heraldry, check out your wiki page on the calontiri.info wiki and update as desired. Send me any images you want added. Gobban’s friend, Rothr [sic].

Chronicler: planning for an issue in January since he doesn’t have enough stuff for an issue yet.

A&S: this month work on our calontiri wiki pages. Next month, maybe work on our shield tree and/or canvas banners, in future since the church has internet and a big screen we can watch historical videos and movies.

The Seneschal and MoY will absent for the Business Meeting since they took time off for Gulf Wars, they’re going to take advantage and be out of town.

August 2021 Business Meeting Notes

11 August, Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Gutorn/William, Cassi, Henry, Rune, Tatiana, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida, Branwell (Gida’s page), Gobban, Gwynhwyvar.

We have a lovely new room/site to meet. For free! Thanks to Rune.

Webminister: We have a webpage and he will make updates as needed. Current Shire forwarding emails are going away, and all officers will be required to transition to Google accounts and they discourage email forwarding for security reasons.

Archery: We have bows. We have arrows. We have targets. We have axes and knives.

MOY: Needs to update her background check. Now that we have some children.

Chatelaine: we had a nice handful of people for National Night Out. Vincent from Axed Root come up with his stuff. There was one teenage girl who was really interested, but we’ll see. We were lacking in space for fighting in the new site. Displays and attendance were down from years past, esp. since it was opposite the fair.

Chronicler: we will have newsletter someday. He needs photos and articles from National Night Out, etc.

Herald: we have names and coats of arms. We have nothing in the submission pipeline, but we can always do heraldic wills and such.

The Unfaire:

We’ll be cooking over campfires, sharing food. We’ll have games: Kubb, Goose, Shut the Box…

Stasi is looking at recipes and making plans.

Potluck noon inn, then cooking demo/sampling/grazing supper. Juliana is bringing her A-frame, some runzas. Brigida is bringing cheese. Stasi has lingonberry juice.

Cooks have to be masked and gloved, portioning with avoidance of shared touching.

Planning to go to Lime Creek archery range in the early afternoon – 1:30 or 2 pm. Gobban to bring some 3D targets, etc.

We may need to go through/replenish Inn supplies. We vote to reimburse Juliana and Stasi for reasonable food/supply expenses.

June 2021 Business Meeting

June 9, East Park Shelter

Present: William, Juliana, Gobban, Gwynhwyvar, Brigida, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya.

Chatelaine: still hasn’t heard anything official on National Night Out. She has given Vincent a heads-up on the date in case he wants to come again.

Archery: we have bows and arrows. He’s noticed that the local archery clubs are getting going with some competitions with 3D targets. Waverly had a walk-through range which was fun.

Herald: no new submissions.

Chronicler: nothing new.

Exchequer: sends message that we have money, no new expenses.

Event: Juliana finally got in touch with someone from the Geneva Market, but no decision, yet. They still don’t seem to understand what we need, so she’s working on that for next year.

Webminister: Juliana is getting about 15 spam message/day at the chateleine email address, so would like some help with that.

May 2021 Business Meeting

12 May 2021, East Park at the southwest picnic shelter

Berndt, Brigida, Juliana, William, Avelyn, Randall, Sifrid, Sofya, Gobban, Gwynhwyvar.

A&S: unable to be present due to work schedule. With regret, for that reason, Stasi feels she needs to step down from the position. If the weather is conducive, we plan to have an outdoor A&S at the picnic shelter: games/ hand projects.

Chatelaine: National Night is to be on its usual Tuesday, August 3rd.

Exchequer: we have the same amount of money as we did last time.

Herald: the broadened scope of the SCA, any pre-1600 culture, applies to Heraldry.

Archery Marshal: we have bows, arrows, targets. He’s been meaning to get official practices going but between the weather and his schedule, it’s not working out.

Event Site: Juliana is still trying to get ahold of Geneva, but she’s got the phone number of a mother. There is a proposal to have an Unfaire again this year, which seems agreeable to the group. Will have to be careful about how we do food. Gida mentions the Osage archery range and it’s building where we had our 2nd event as a possibility, too.

Un-Lilies: the usual dates, at the Shell Rock, garb optional, not an event so can share food.

April 2021 Business Meeting

14 April 2021, Zoom meeting

Exchequer: we still have all our money. No new expenditures or income.

Herald: Gida’s badge passed with a Nice Badge! comment.

Web Minister: We have a website. It will be updated when there is stuff going on to update.

Chatelaine: There is supposed to be National Night Out on August 3rd. Hopefully. She’s still trying to get information from Geneva.

Chronicler: Nothing to report, nothing to put in the newsletter.

Lilies Substitute: we’re thinking of informally camping at the Shell Rock like last year, covid permitting. Dates being double-checked.