August 2021 Business Meeting Notes

11 August, Methodist Church

Attending: William, Juliana, Gutorn/William, Cassi, Henry, Rune, Tatiana, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida, Branwell (Gida’s page), Gobban, Gwynhwyvar.

We have a lovely new room/site to meet. For free! Thanks to Rune.

Webminister: We have a webpage and he will make updates as needed. Current Shire forwarding emails are going away, and all officers will be required to transition to Google accounts and they discourage email forwarding for security reasons.

Archery: We have bows. We have arrows. We have targets. We have axes and knives.

MOY: Needs to update her background check. Now that we have some children.

Chatelaine: we had a nice handful of people for National Night Out. Vincent from Axed Root come up with his stuff. There was one teenage girl who was really interested, but we’ll see. We were lacking in space for fighting in the new site. Displays and attendance were down from years past, esp. since it was opposite the fair.

Chronicler: we will have newsletter someday. He needs photos and articles from National Night Out, etc.

Herald: we have names and coats of arms. We have nothing in the submission pipeline, but we can always do heraldic wills and such.

The Unfaire:

We’ll be cooking over campfires, sharing food. We’ll have games: Kubb, Goose, Shut the Box…

Stasi is looking at recipes and making plans.

Potluck noon inn, then cooking demo/sampling/grazing supper. Juliana is bringing her A-frame, some runzas. Brigida is bringing cheese. Stasi has lingonberry juice.

Cooks have to be masked and gloved, portioning with avoidance of shared touching.

Planning to go to Lime Creek archery range in the early afternoon – 1:30 or 2 pm. Gobban to bring some 3D targets, etc.

We may need to go through/replenish Inn supplies. We vote to reimburse Juliana and Stasi for reasonable food/supply expenses.

June 2021 Business Meeting

June 9, East Park Shelter

Present: William, Juliana, Gobban, Gwynhwyvar, Brigida, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya.

Chatelaine: still hasn’t heard anything official on National Night Out. She has given Vincent a heads-up on the date in case he wants to come again.

Archery: we have bows and arrows. He’s noticed that the local archery clubs are getting going with some competitions with 3D targets. Waverly had a walk-through range which was fun.

Herald: no new submissions.

Chronicler: nothing new.

Exchequer: sends message that we have money, no new expenses.

Event: Juliana finally got in touch with someone from the Geneva Market, but no decision, yet. They still don’t seem to understand what we need, so she’s working on that for next year.

Webminister: Juliana is getting about 15 spam message/day at the chateleine email address, so would like some help with that.

May 2021 Business Meeting

12 May 2021, East Park at the southwest picnic shelter

Berndt, Brigida, Juliana, William, Avelyn, Randall, Sifrid, Sofya, Gobban, Gwynhwyvar.

A&S: unable to be present due to work schedule. With regret, for that reason, Stasi feels she needs to step down from the position. If the weather is conducive, we plan to have an outdoor A&S at the picnic shelter: games/ hand projects.

Chatelaine: National Night is to be on its usual Tuesday, August 3rd.

Exchequer: we have the same amount of money as we did last time.

Herald: the broadened scope of the SCA, any pre-1600 culture, applies to Heraldry.

Archery Marshal: we have bows, arrows, targets. He’s been meaning to get official practices going but between the weather and his schedule, it’s not working out.

Event Site: Juliana is still trying to get ahold of Geneva, but she’s got the phone number of a mother. There is a proposal to have an Unfaire again this year, which seems agreeable to the group. Will have to be careful about how we do food. Gida mentions the Osage archery range and it’s building where we had our 2nd event as a possibility, too.

Un-Lilies: the usual dates, at the Shell Rock, garb optional, not an event so can share food.

April 2021 Business Meeting

14 April 2021, Zoom meeting

Exchequer: we still have all our money. No new expenditures or income.

Herald: Gida’s badge passed with a Nice Badge! comment.

Web Minister: We have a website. It will be updated when there is stuff going on to update.

Chatelaine: There is supposed to be National Night Out on August 3rd. Hopefully. She’s still trying to get information from Geneva.

Chronicler: Nothing to report, nothing to put in the newsletter.

Lilies Substitute: we’re thinking of informally camping at the Shell Rock like last year, covid permitting. Dates being double-checked.

March 2021 Business Meeting

10 March 2021, Zoom meeting

Chatelaine: we have no events and no demos yet with Covid-19.

Exchequer: we have no new transactions.

Chronicler: there still isn’t anything to publish.

Web Minister: we have a website and it is working as far as he knows.

Archery Marshal: we have arrows and we have bows. And we are sure that everyone checked their tips as recommended last visit. William is still looking for a spot/date to get us an indoor winter shoot.

Herald: Gida’s punny badge is still in proofreading at Laurel, hopefully to be published in a month or two. The Virtual Heralds Point was a great success with approx. 80 heralds helping around 300 clients with about 600 submissions from around the Known World. We’re hoping to do it again later this year.

Geneva event site – still not getting back to us about details and fees, but working on it.

February 2021 Business Meeting

10 February 2021 via Zoom.

Officer Reports

Herald – Virtual Heralds Point going on now!, Gida’s badge has been decided but won’t be published for a couple of months.

Webminister – webpage, Domesday getting done. Blames the outdated time stamp on the report page.

Chatelaine – everything is still on hold

Archery – the indoor site is having daily shoots right now, so they’re not set up in a way we can use it right now, but they’re supposed to be done with that end of this month? Check your equipment, reset your points!

Chronicler – nothing to report.

Exchequer – everything balances.

Event Into – Juliana still working on the possible Geneva site, still trying to get ahold of the right person to find out price, availability, archery possibilities?

December 2020 Business Meeting

9 December 2020 via Zoom

Not likely to be new official events for a long time.

Chateleine – no new demos. Staying busy with the holidays.

Exchequer – there are a couple of checks outstanding. Sofya and Stasi. Naughty, naughty.

Web Minister – website has been updated for the Virtual activities.

Herald – Gida’s badge is marching through the process, no new issues.

We are pondering Zoom watch parties and options for socially distanced unofficial get-togethers next year: March (Park House?), May (Shell Rock Preserve?).

October 2020 Business Meeting

Chatelaine – nothing new to report. No demos with the Covid. We’re working with a new no-man’s land member in Eldora, Caelin Leatherworker [sic], although we might have to share him with Axed Root.

Web Minister – We still have a website. Rune has emailed the Kingdom Webminster to remind them that he’s taken over.

Herald – Gida’s new badge, a punner, is on the Calontir internal commentary letter, and will hopefully go to Laurel on an external letter soon.

Chronicler – we don’t have newsletter since there’s no news. We suggest he go through the binders of ancient history to share. Stories of the first Black Harvest with snow and livestock from the tower…

Archery – not present, busy with a very important A&S project. See Other News: below.

Exchequer – we have money.

A&S – since this is almost certainly our last outdoor meeting for the season, we (with reluctance) vote to suspect A&S meetings until spring. Gida recommends we catch the YouTube channel “Tasting History” with a guy from CA who goes through dishes from Ancient Greece to the 17th cent. English History website had lots of good stuff. Juliana wants to play with cheese, too. Gida says she uses cider or champagne (best) vinegar for her quick cheeses. The farmer’s cheeses and aged cheeses need rennet.

No old business.

No new business.

Other News: Diaragh Fiadh McRobie was born today. Our congratulations to Mom, Dad and Big Sister.

September 2020 Business Meeting

We have our first Zoom business meeting because of the cold, rainy weather.

Chatelaine – nothing new to report. No demos with the Covid.

Web Minister – hasn’t got his name on the website yet. Soon. He’s emailed the Kingdom Webminster to remind them that he’s taken over.

Herald – nothing new other than Gida’s new badge, a punner.

Chronicler – we don’t have newsletter since there’s no new.

Archery – not present. Presumably we still have bows and arrows.

Exchequer – not present. Presumably we still have money.

No old business.

No new business.

Other News: Anna’s father passed away. The family has our condolences.

July 2019 Business Meeting Notes

Hy-Vee East Meeting Room
Business Meeting
10 July 2019

Attending:  William, Juliana, Avelyn, Tiernan, Jon, Tatiana, Sophie, Ben, Gwynhywvar, Stasi, Berndt, Sofya, Sifrid, Gobban, Jutte

Seneschal: Nothing


  • National Night Out is August 6th on Tuesday at the Fairground again.  Public at 5pm, so plan to start setting up around 4 pm.  We bring our own tables (shire tables are at the dacha).
  • She finally remembers to bring the receipt for the Hampton Demo book that we approved earlier this year.

MOY: Nothing new

Exchequer: The accounts are the same.

Fighter Marshal: position vacant

Archery Marshal: Nothing new. 

Chronicler: Taking submissions yesterday – article and photos, officer reports.

Herald: We have re-submissions sent in for William (being decided) and Stasi (in commentary at Laurel).

Web Minister:

  • Our web hosting and domain name both expire in September.  We have the options of:
  • moving hosting to the kingdom server ($0) vs
  • renewing current hosting service (~$120/yr)
  • If we move, we then have the option of:
  • switching to as our domain name ($0)
  • keeping (~$15-20/yr)
  • We vote to:  move to the kingdom server, keep domain name
  • Finally, I’ve been fired along with all other group web ministers who have served more than 2 years (BOD fears people getting political and territorial).  Moving to the kingdom server means that site can be converted, somehow, to a WordPress site so next shire web minister won’t need to know HTML code.

A&S: July A&S meeting – Roman tunica class (male and female) – approx. 3 yds of linen.

Upcoming Events:

St. Augustine’s Un-Faire – Sofya

  • Info sent to the Mews.  Event web page made.  Sent to Kingdom Web Minister and will send to the Falcon Banner.  Make a Facebook event on our page/group.
  • Lunch – runzas, plus potluck for supper, leftover cannisters of lemonade, lingonberry concentrate.  Encourage feast gear (with backup paper products)
  • Supper – results of outdoor cooking, Stasi (roast, chicken a la Stasi, some veggie) and Juliana (pottage, fruit compote, other?) cooking outside for supper. 
  • Amon coming with 3 stations for lamp working stuff. 
  • Vincent – ring making, acid etching?
  • Leather molding?
  • Gida – cheese making?
  • Silk banner painting (Juliana to make sure the resist is okay)? 
  • Pre-print painting?  Fabric dying/printing?  Other?
  • Antonia? soap-making? naal binding?
  • Raise the Dragon!
  • Off-site archery Avelyn, William – 2 pm-ish carpool off-site at Lime Creek
  • Fighting can happen if people need to fight.
  • Same weekend as Mason City Pride – invite the Blue Feathers?
  • Free.  But will have Troll sign-in sheets for liability purpose. 
  • Donation jar for runzas, garbage, inn supplies.
  • Encourage to bring feast gear, camp chairs. 
  • MacNider Campground if want more facilities than a bare backyard.